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The end has come, and the Black Queen is back, claiming Marissa as her handmaiden. Secrets are finally told, battles are waged, and Marissa still fails to do what is told of her. Wish Bound was a lot better than Armageddon Rules in many, many regards, though it didn't quite manage to be better than the first in the trilogy. The plot in Wish bound was much more focused and together. It wasn't trying to impress anymore, it knew where it was going and why, it just had to get there. Nelson answers probably all the questions you've asked yourself about the series, and some you didn't even know you had.

It was a satisfactory end to the series. You could actually tell that if the series wasn't mapped out to end this way from the very beginning, then at least the author reviewed carefully what they had done to make an ending that tied the whole series together. The end was satisfactory as an ending, though I was left wanting something a little more firm in its resolve. I still have a ton of problems with the main character, Marissa, though. She constantly acts without thinking, that will probably never change. It is just incredibly annoying. Girl can't learn from her past mistakes.

Plus, she never listens to anyone, for any reason. Marissa is a thorn in this series side. All of what should be emotional parts in the book are slightly ruined because I just really do not care for the main character. Unfortunately for me, Nelson took until book three to finally, finally finalise the worldbuilding. Until now it has shifted a bit here and there to make room for the plot.

It did that here, too, but at least Nelson laid down certain laws that had to be followed. More weird creatures were added onto the pile of already barely idealised whims, though, unfortunately. Those gnomes though, holy hell do I want to punt those gnomes into the fucking sun. Why did they get so much airtime?? Overall, Wish Bound was a satisfactory ending to this trilogy.

If you enjoyed the books prior, you should enjoy the conclusion. Dec 26, Lisa rated it it was amazing. This series was a hell of a lot of fun and I was sorry when the story ended. Those who gave up on the series in book one because of the rather misogynistic things the main character thinks are missing out. Now I'm not saying the things that were said were okay, but they were part of the character's development.

Marissa overcoming them through the course of the series tells you through the story that they were not good things to be thinking. And given that the character was treated as a not-prett This series was a hell of a lot of fun and I was sorry when the story ended. And given that the character was treated as a not-pretty-enough-in-comparison-to-supernaturally-pretty-princesses and often had to play the second fiddle role as part of her job, I can see how her feelings developed that way and why she started judging other women very harshly.

It was the same judgement she was turning on herself all the time. Sometimes the job you have creates not pretty prejudices in people about Others and she definitely falls for that a lot. But I liked how she overcame those feelings. I liked her charge in and get things done momentum. I liked the character of the princess she starts off judging so harshly.

I even liked the inconvenient poodle-lover.

Wish Bound

So, yes, this series might be hard for some to read and just make them mad. I absolutely get where they are coming from and please just drop the series if it makes you feel that way. It's not worth it. Because it does hover between characters that are more realistically flawed and characters that, if you can't stand certain traits, are unbearable and ruin it for you. Like True Blood. I loved the book series because the characters I hated got less screen time read: mostly her brother who still want dead , but I found the tv show unwatchable because it also made okay characters like Tara, Bill, and Eric into people I can't stand.

Then the ratio of hates just overwhelmed the likes Suki and Sam. I'm just glad I was on the side of realistically flawed and relate-able and got to enjoy the series for the romp it is. Dec 31, Mary Hartshorn rated it it was amazing.

Wish Bound was awesome! There was so much that happened in the second book, but the 3rd book was full of action, and major decisions. There were some revelations that were surprising but overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Since Marissa had stopped the Armageddon in the last book, she thought that she was pretty safe and would only be dealing with minor problems. Marissa never imagined that she would ha Wish Bound was awesome! Marissa never imagined that she would have to deal with her in her lifetime, or expect her to be so powerful.

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Now more than ever, Marissa must use all of her wits and her strength to fight against the Black Queen will, especially when she is turned on her friends. Jul 24, Jessica rated it it was amazing Shelves: urban-fantasy , 5-star , fairytale-world. It took me a while to get to this final installment of this trilogy. I loved it. This final book in the series felt like it wrapped up a lot but has potential for more stories in the world if J.

Nelson so chose to write more I wouldn't object to more. I know, that's amazingly unhelpful even by my reviewette standards, but pretty much anything else I can say would be a spoiler. Surprise ending This book is as good of not better than the previous two but the part i enjoyed the most is the surprise ending with a twist.

Feb 05, Dark Faerie Tales rated it liked it Shelves: reviewed-by-roxanne. I am not sure how long has passed since the end of Book 2 until the beginning of Book 3, but I would say that if feels like some months have passed at least. Marissa is mostly happy, her life has settled down for the most part, and she is happy with Liam. All of that changes when they find out the Black Queen whom was supposed to be gone for years is suddenly back.

When Ari, takes off to end the Black Queen once and for all, Marissa follows her to make sure it all ends well. Which means she can force Marissa to grant three wishes. Wish Bound is definitely action packed like the first two books, and yes, this time I did go read book 1 and 2 before getting here. And I highly recommend you start at the beginning as these are books that follow a time line and you would miss way too much starting with the third book. Different worlds, different types of main characters.

The only real similarity is a strong female lead in some kind of law enforcement or similar feel job that basically has to jump through major hoops in every book. So I liked this series, I like the differences, I think my only issue is I have read a lot of series that have this formula and some of them were just downright amazing. So I am not going to be really hard on this book, I like the Grimm aspect, Fairy Godfather, and a little bit of fairy tales, with vampires, fae, werewolves, and magic.

I like Marissa, other than she has like the worst luck ever, and I think this book is major in that you find out why she has such horrible luck. You must read for yourself. So if you are looking for a kick butt female lead that always seems to get into horrible situations and really struggles to get out of them, then look no further.

Book 1 is Free Agent, start there!!! Feb 21, Annabelle Ng rated it really liked it Shelves: boom-boom-pow-action , fantasy. My pets were fifty percent cat, fifty percent ghost, one hundred percent psychotic. The Grimm Agency series isn't for everyone.

Paperback Editions

It's the kind of book that requires you to just roll with it, or be crushed by the weight of its wackiness. It is wild, outrageous, chaotic but it is also hella fun. They have every kind of fairytale creature you can think of - goblins, trolls, vampires, werewolves, fairies, faes, dragons, princesses, witches, and red riding hood. There are cultish gnomes running pos My pets were fifty percent cat, fifty percent ghost, one hundred percent psychotic. There are cultish gnomes running post offices, Satan as an old, balding businessman, Cursed Cheese, evil queens and Death Personified.

If that sounds too much for you to handle or appreciate, back out and drive away. If you take your fantasy reads very seriously, Grimm Agency might make you strangle yourself with a garden hose. I mean, Wish Bound has the line "Mariiffaaa, I garfaaahahhahm. Wish Bound like its former books, follows the life of Marissa - an agent of a Wish Granting Agency, as she faces sticky and often life-threatening situations that never fails to find a way to her. Being the final instalment of the arc, Wish Bound loses a large part of its humour to bring out a dire, dramatic end to the series.

While I do like the fact that characters and subplots from previous books have been brought back to tie the story together, I do feel that it resulted Wish Bound to be a little too messy. There were too many characters to catch up on, and the overwhelming heap of mythologies to remember did not help my confusion. Technicality wise, I feel that there was an excessive amount of ex-machinas to ease the plot progression, and obvious grammatical errors that could have been avoided. Nonetheless, I liked the book despite its flaws.

I like the chaos, I like the humour, I like its possibilities. Anything and everything happens in Marissa's world, and that's what makes Grimm Agency a deliciously exciting and entertaining read. Mikey's voice caught me off guard. The wolf had never come into my house. Not ever. The fact that I still shot him on occasions probably factored into it a little.

Open the door so I can come in and talk to you. Sep 25, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. This truthfully is without a doubt my new favorite series, even though this is the last book in the series. I love these character but most of all I love those crazy gnomes! In case you missed that first sentence this is the last book in the series. You can view the cover on Goodreads right now. It winds up I believe everything in a nice tidy funny as hell way, but that's just me! This book picks up shortly after the end of the last book and starts out with Marissa's birthday, which always ends in catastrophes!

This one starts out with a bang by the Advisary visiting Marissa to let her know a few souls are missing from hell and hey she's gotta find them cause Grimm already signed the contract. Then on the back burner of the same day Grimm sends Ari and Marissa to a seal cause Goblins are wreaking havock only to find out the Black Queen was there alive seeking revenge.

Things are cutting close Grimm gave them much longer for the Black Queens return and our characters are dead set to find a way to kill her only now they are running at cheetah pace to find a way! Lots of old friends and not so friendly old cast member's make appearances in this closing novel to complete some character arcs!

Free Agent (A Grimm Agency Novel) | eBay

As usual the Gnomes go above and beyond the crazy mark in epicly funny ways; I think they made this series for me! Even the answer of the cheese wheel from hell is answered. It is a must read! I'd recommend this one to everyone who has read the past books, and if you haven't you should. To anyone who likes the Charley Davidson series or the Hollows series; these are every bit as fun as those! Feb 14, Heli rated it it was amazing Shelves: owned , fantasy , vampires , dragons , urban-fantasy. Because of the ending, 5 stars. Aug 11, Jessica rated it really liked it.

In Wish Bound by J. Nelson, Marissa Locks should be used to working odd jobs. Her job takes an unexpected turn when the Black Queen returns to the realm and decides to take over the world. As her Handmaiden, Marissa is expected to help lead the Black Queens army against all that oppose her.

The only problem is, Marissa and her friends are some of the people who oppose her. Does Marissa have the strength to defeat the Black Queen? Will the truth about her heritage ultimately destroy her? At tim In Wish Bound by J. At times, this book was a little jumpy.

There was a lot going on in the story and at times I had to backtrack to try to figure out what was going on. To really get into this book, you must go back and read the other stories. The author did not summarize what had occurred in previous books to help aid in understanding of certain situations in the book. At times, the story experienced repetition that was not needed, such as a character thought something and then immediately said the same thing that she was thinking.

This was a new take on fairy tales. I enjoyed the characters and the action.

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Grimm's Goblins (1876)/Notes

I would read more in this series. Mar 02, Shelley rated it liked it Shelves: release , netgalley-arc , urban-fantasy , received-for-review. Marissa is a character who you can't but help feel a bit of concern for. She was sold by her own mother to Fairy Godfather Grimm on her 16th birthday, she then went to work for him on her 18th birthday, and has been there ever since. For the last 10 years, she's done pretty much whatever he tells her to do. This book actually jumps ahead several years from the end of Armageddon Rules.

Marissa is now a partner as well as an Agent for the Grimm Agency. The story takes place in a realm called Kingdom, where there are Kings and Queens, uptight and selfish Princes and Princesses, Goblins who deliver mail and idolize Marissa, Trolls who protect buildings, Witches and Werewolves just to name a few. Published August 25th by Ace A series that ends at three!!!

My only quibble is Death, War, Pestilence, and Famine were in the last book for good reason: they were the warm-up act. The archangel Michelle Michael was a misprint , the Adversary, and then the supreme being all make appearances. This whole series has been well crafted. Lunacy and hi jinks combined with danger and death. Everybody from the earlier books gets a moment or mention. Most long standing questions are an Amazing!!! Most long standing questions are answered.

And warrior gnomes ride attack poodles into battle against Giants. For that alone, I will pre-order the next book J C Nelson writes. This is the third book. Read them in order, otherwise you will be playing catch-up. Feb 15, Elesha rated it really liked it. This was my favourite of the series because it was darker than the other two. I found that the first two books built up nicely to this one and in the end, everything was resolved.

I don't know if there are plans to write another Grimm Agency novel, but the door was left open to that possibility, and if not, I'm satisfied with the wrap up. I enjoyed the story along with the others in the series and characters. I liked the world Nelson created and the spin he put on things. Once I got within the f This was my favourite of the series because it was darker than the other two. Once I got within the final 80 pages, I needed to know how it all ended. I found it a bit of an emotional ride headings towards the end.

I'd recommend this series to urban fantasy fans if you're looking for a different spin on fairy tales and their characters. Aug 29, Vroom rated it it was ok. It was okay. Well written, good wrap-up. But I didn't enjoy it. I can't remember the last time it took me so long to work through a book I was so looking forward to.

I'm still pre-ordering the new book because I like this author, I like his writing, and I want to see what comes next. I just feel sad that this wrap-up was such a downer. May 13, Dana rated it really liked it. The story of Marissa and company continues--and things go from bad to wild to apocalyptic. The characters are well developed and the sarcasm, snark, and fun continue. I really enjoyed this book and the series it is part of in the way it twists and tangles and redefines the roles of fairy tale characters in the world created by the author. The story keeps moving, keeping you hooked through twists, turns and revelations about the characters.

I recommend this book as a fun read. Nov 30, Kara Callahan rated it liked it. I thought this was a very busy book. Some passages I had to re-read to try to understand. Some passages I never really did understand what was going on. There were parts of it I liked and parts of it I was bored with. I really liked the ending.

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