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After writing four moderately successful novels, Stout turned to the form of the detective story.

In Fer-de-Lance he introduced Nero Wolfe, the obese, brilliant aesthete who solves crimes without leaving his New York City brownstone house. Wolfe has, as did Stout, a passion for gourmet foods and gardening.

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Stout wrote 46 Wolfe mysteries; the well-written books remained very popular. Stout was active in numerous organizations supporting democracy and world federalism, including the Writers Board for World Government. Rex Stout. Info Print Cite.

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Why taunt me? Why upbraid me? I am merely a genius, not a god.


I love reading about Archie and Wolfe set in different times and how Stout weaves in persons and news events of the time. Of course, I would have read that one close to when it was written. Two of my favorite novellas are the ones set in World War II, but he did not write much in that time period.

Thanks for this enjoyable post. The plot was wafer-thin but the narrative voice of Archie had me in splits. Tracy - What a terrific choice for F!


I like the mechanics of how the murder in this novel is committed, and I agree with you that Archie Goodwin is a wonderful character. Tuesday, June 26, F is for Fer-de-Lance.

Fer-De-Lance A Nero Wolfe Mystery

Rex Stout wrote 33 novels and 41 novellas about the private detective Nero Wolfe and his assistant, Archie Goodwin. The novellas are published in 14 books; each book has two, three or four novellas. The books are narrated by Archie. The series began in and the last book in the series, A Family Affair , was published in , shortly before Stout's death. Over the forty plus years this series was published, the protagonists did not age at all, but they were always placed within the context of the time that the book was written.

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