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Shop Our Brands. All Rights Reserved. Cancel Submit. This book explains the left's unusual engagement with Hayek and reflects on its significance. Engaging Enemies uses the left's late discovery of Hayek to examine the contemporary fate of socialism and social democracy. Did socialism survive the twentieth century? Did it collapse with the fall of the Berlin Wall as Hayek claimed? Or did it transform into something else, and if so what? In turn this allows an examination of ideological and historical continuity. Was the left's engagement with Hayek part of a wider break with a period of ideological continuity that marked the twentieth century, but which did not survive its ending?

As such, the book is also a study of how ideologies change with the times, incorporating new elements and jettisoning others. Engaging Enemies concludes with a discussion of the wider role of the market for the left today and the contemporary significance of the engagement with Hayek for Labour in the wake of the economic crisis.

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Responses to the New Right show more. Review quote This book makes an original and valuable contribution to our understanding of the complex ideological history of the twentieth century.

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It is well written and manages to combine clear exegesis of the relevant ideas with pointed discussions of the context in which they emerged. The discussion of the four thinkers' engagement with Hayek provides significant insights into the development of contemporary socialism and social democracy. Although the book is centered on the British experience, it will have value for all those interested in the ideological and empirical political-economic debates of the twentieth century and how they will inform the political economy of the twenty-first century.

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