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Martina Grom, CEO of atwork, and Marc Anderson, president of Sympraxis Consulting, share their expertise from both the technology and customer perspectives.

Roadmap Pitstop July July brought the heat to many cities across the world — so Microsoft brought a little heat, too, with updates that rolled out this month. This is the all-inclusive recap bonus monthly episode to help answer, "What's rolling out now for SharePoint and related technologies into Microsoft ?

Our conversation focuses on the redesign and new features. The Desktop Diet Revisited. With summer comes travel. This week we revisit the Desktop Diet challenge and discuss both the benefits and limitations of using only browser and mobile. Special guests include the people who make a desktop diet experience achievable, Dan Costenaro and Mike Morton from the Office Online Engineering Team. Roadmap Pitstop June June Roadmap - the all-inclusive recap for all things SharePoint and related technology.

We talk with Kaleem Rahman, product manager on the Yammer engineering team, who focuses on supporting customers to better aid knowledge creation and consumption throughout their organization. The essential SharePoint toolkit. The SharePoint toolkit supports numerous tech personas: devs, IT, and business folk alike. Later in the episode, we talk with Dux Raymond Sy, chief marketing officer at AvePoint, about SPC19 keynote announcements, what he's hearing from customers, and speaker training for presenters.

Does SharePoint bring you joy? Live from SharePoint Conference ! Joining Mark and Chris are panelists Sue Hanley, Dave Feldman and Kerry Lambert to discuss the evolution of SharePoint, key announcements from the conference, broad use adoption of Microsoft , as well as tips for success for IT pros, developers, admins and users. Later in the episode, the panel takes questions from the audience around GCC, best practices, governance, compliance, advice for Microsoft and more.

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Roadmap Pitstop May Our conversation focuses on all things full-fidelity shared libraries in OneDrive — plus all powerful, consistent file experiences when working throughout Microsoft We discuss how SharePoint is turbocharging user experiences, the importance of design, the big announcements from SPC19, and a meaningful segment on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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  5. Listen here to find out. Accessibility from the Start. We talk with three accessibility experts: Megan Lawrence, PhD sr. Roadmap Pitstop April Also, this month, we talk with Marc Windle, senior program manager on the SharePoint engineering team, about all things Files restore for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Check the show page for resource links! Crawl, Walk, Run to the Cloud.

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    In this episode we examine what customers do when they first move to the cloud, and review steps to compliment that move with search best practices and backup technologies. And Matt McDermott from Spanning Cloud Apps talks in depth about cloud data backup, protection, the day recycle bin limit and retention policies. Share with confidence. Share with confidence — both inside and outside your organization. When it comes to sharing, you must be mindful with whom you are sharing, what you are sharing, and how you are sharing it.

    And technology must support the balance of productive collaboration alongside policy compliance. This episode of The Intrazone brings two experts that shed light on best practices of working with people internally and externally. Roadmap Pitstop March This month you'll learn about a number of things in Employee Engagement and Teamwork.

    These updates include new capabilities of organization news, page templates, Yammer, Planner, SharePoint Admin Center, sticky headers and more. We also talk with Rachel Lambert, program manager on the SharePoint engineering team about all things page templates.

    Building the SharePoint User Experience (Expert's Voice in

    Be sure to listen for the teasers of what's rolling out soon in connected web parts and audience targeting. Going live in 3, 2, 1! Empower everyone to share knowledge and expertise quickly and easily. Reach any audience, anywhere, anytime with immersive communications. Oh, the spaces you'll go! This episode of The Intrazone brings two mixed reality experts to you in full surround sound.

    Great user experiences defined by key user objectives. Empowering users to effectively find the information they need. UI Designs that are visually engaging and brand aligned. Mobile optimised platforms that look great on any device. Building great, modern platforms using the latest technologies. Identify the best deployment and migration strategy. Architect Peter Kemp pkemp golin. We find projects work best where we have a dedicated digital project management lead from Architect who interfaces with a dedicated lead on the client side.

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    The Architect PM has the responsibility of leading the planning and then delivering the project as well as being the main point of contact with client teams. Planning service works with specific services Yes Hosting or software services the planning service works with Microsoft Office Microsoft SharePoint. Training Training Training service provided Yes How the training service works Architect will help you to build a bespoke training plan that works for you and your specific Office and SharePoint needs.

    As wells as one-to-one or group training sessions face-to-face or remote , we can also offer detailed user guides, video recordings and animations as required. Setup and migration Setup and migration Setup or migration service available Yes How the setup or migration service works During our DISCOVERY phase, we work with your team to build the best deployment and content migration strategy that works for you. We run a full suite of automated tests before any changes are released for deployment, catching bugs and ensuring that no breaking changes or updates ever make their way to users.

    To ensure a quick, simple and seamless deployment we create scripts and work with services that deploy your site as soon as any changes are ready. Quality assurance and performance testing Quality assurance and performance testing Quality assurance and performance testing service Yes How the quality assurance and performance testing works Quality assurance and performance testing is a fundamental part of our service. Ahead of UAT, we will support your team by supplying a means by which to capture and track any bugs that are raised, as well as guidance on managing your testing team.

    Security testing Security testing Security services No.

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    Ongoing support Ongoing support Ongoing support service Yes Types of service supported Hosting or software provided by a third-party organisation How the support service works For us, once your solution is launched its life has just begun. We will be there to support it along the way. We can keep analysing your users' behaviour by measuring and monitoring the site post-launch, to make sure that the site's functionality and content continue to develop and grow. Qualitative feedback and stakeholder interviews offer a great way to capture anecdotal feedback on your site, while tailored metrics tracking will offer solid quantitative data.

    Including user research in the requirements gathering process ensures the solution is rich with features that support both the business and provide real value to employees. Our research findings demonstrate that relationships between people are what drive organizational success.

    The more that can be done to support and improve the ways that people find and share information, and collaborate with each other, the greater the success. To get the most value from SharePoint organizations first need to recognize how they behave from a communication standpoint. How do employees share information? Do they message each other? Do they pass a document back-and-forth to work on it? Once this knowledge is harnessed, a solution can be designed that supports what is working well and fills gaps where improvements are needed.

    I have a love-dislike relationship with SharePoint.

    New Communication Sites in SharePoint: How to build an impactful site in under 10 minutes

    The dislike primarily stems from its poor out-of-the-box user experience which makes it hard for users to learn and adopt. If you have a poor SharePoint site, consider the scenarios included in this article and the UX fixes for the issues. This is where the love part of the relationship comes in. UX design can make a tremendous difference in success and adoption through the usefulness and usability of your SharePoint platform and solutions.

    The platform itself should be transparent—companies should focus on the experience that they can build for their users. Social Links.

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