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Econometric modelling and statistical inference are presented at an advanced level. This course focuses on the analysis of cross section and panel data.

Cross section data refer to a large number of sample units individuals, firms, Panel data refer to the repeated observation of sample units over time. In this course we limit the analysis to panels with a large number of sample units that are followed over a limited number of time periods. The objective of the course is to give the student a firm understanding of the workings of certain methods and a background for developing new methods. In addition, students should learn to implement certain methods by running econometric software programmes on data sets coming from published work.

As such, the course in-tends to provide the necessary background both for the applied researcher who wants to uncover some causal relationship between two variables and for the theoretical researcher aiming at the development of new estima-tion methods. Contents: 1 Introduction. The nature of panel data. Modelling individual heterogeneity.

Advanced Econometrics: Nonlinearities

This course builds up on the course Econometrics I. Its goal is to make students acquainted with some fundamental concepts of estimation and inference for linear and nonlinear econometric models. The course aims at providing students with the necessary theoretical background for further courses in econometrics.

The tutorials consist of theoretical exercises, empirical applications and an introduction to the programming language Python. Econometrics I or equivalent course.

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Anatolsev, S. Cameron, A.

Gourieroux, C. This course equals 5 credit points. All intensive courses are led by outstanding speakers from RWTH Aachen University and other internationally renowned universities. There are no formal requirements for this course, but it will be assumed that all students are familiar with basic Statistics and Econometrics. There will be a short recap of the relevant parts of Statistics and Econometrics at the beginning of the course.

Topics in Advanced Econometrics

Due to the interactive teaching format, the number of participants is limited to Advanced master students are invited as well to participate. Please book the courses separately, we will take additionally booked courses into account when issuing your invoice. This intensive one-week course leads participants through the process of designing their own survey.

This interactive course will focus on the core principles and practices of qualitative research and may inspire candidates to look beyond deduction, especially those doing exploratory research. This course provides students with an overview of and experience with experimental research methods to design and conduct an economic experiment in the lab, or in an immersive virtual environment.

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Applied Advanced Econometrics. Overview This course introduces the econometric methods needed for the analysis of panel data and teaches the implementation application of these methods using the econometric software STATA. Program type Summer School.

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